Why Management Strategy at GCU is wrong

At 8am on 4th March, Principal Pamela Gillies announced in an e-mail to all staff that as a result of proposals presented to University Court by the Executive Board “a reduction of 95 support and administrative posts across the University may be necessary.”

It was claimed that these proposals take place “against a background of cuts in public funding, the need to grow other income and the continuing importance of vigilance in seeking efficiencies wherever possible.”

However as MSP Bill Kidd and others pointed out at the recent rally to defend jobs (see pictures here), 41 senior staff earn more than £70,000 at GCU, nine senior staff earn more than £100,000, four earn more than First Minister Alex Salmond, and three earn more than UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

Furthermore as a recent Union FOI request discovered (see GCU London tab above), spending there recently involved almost £8,000 and several days of eight staff members time to get………..one additional student. A sensible strategy it is not. When is University Court going to wake up to their governance responsibilities?

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