Scottish media increasingly unhappy with what’s happening at GCU

Media coverage over the weekend indicates a growing disquiet in Scotland’s media over the proposed cuts to our University being pushed through by senior management. The BBC website headlined on the 1st April with “Glasgow Caledonian University sets out 95 job cut plans“, while a day later The Herald reported “University is told jobs cuts premature” and the same day’s Evening Times reported “Anger over city uni’s bid to close support centre“.
Media esteem is important for everyone who has the interests of GCU and particularly of Glasgow’s communities at heart. Our staff are rightly proud of the job we have done and continue to do for our students – many of whom, as the media articles point out, come from families where going to university is not the norm. We need to keep the confidence of Scotland’s communities and our young people. Senior management actions increasingly put us in danger of losing that reputation. As always we call upon them to consider the alternatives to their short sighted policies, and negotiate seriously on a way out from what would undoubtedly be a disastrous course for our staff, our students, and the communities which depend upon us.

Note: All articles mentioned above can be found via our Media Coverage pages

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