Is the Principal listening at Glasgow Caledonian? Invite to Silent Protest@Listening Event

Week 5 of our campaign against the 95 redundancies has begun.

Last week saw the plans for the cuts to Central Service Clusters and a series of all staff meetings convened by management.  The initial union response was circulated last week and we attended as many of the meetings as we could.  All the unions will be preparing a more detailed response to the plans in the next  3 weeks.
There seems to be some confusion on management’s side whether these are driven by cost cutting or in delivering a more efficient service.  The Unions believe that cutting 95 jobs after the cuts already suffered at GCU will be disastrous for students and staff alike
Politicians of all parties are saying that our management (and other universities are acting prematurely) – see Saturday’s Herald where a  Scottish Government Minister condemns the premature actions of our management.
At these meetings management have said they are keen to hear alternatives which puts the onus on individual members of staff  but they are silent on the three big areas which the trade unions, the elected staff representatives,  believe need to be examined.

  • Size, salaries and perks of senior management at GCU
  • Capital Expenditure
  • GCU London

To make sure GCU management hear us and our alternatives, we have planned a silent protest this Thursday morning at the Listening Event planned for the Staff Social Space.   Come along and use your coffee break.

Details are below. Hope to see you there

Save the 95!

All the best

Dr Nick McKerrell
Convenor of Glasgow Caledonian University Combined Union Committee

Silent Protest@Listening Event
“Can you hear us?”
Thursday 7th April
Gather outside Hamish Wood 9.55 a.m.
“I am a 1 in 10, a number on a list….”
Save the 95!

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