New Question on Value for Money regarding iPads for Executive at GCU

A previous post iPad2s for them and P45s for us?  pointed out the incongruity of ten iPad2s being purchased for the GCU executive on the same day as the 90 day notices regarding possible redundancies were issued to staff. A UCU member has reminded us of University guidelines on Value for Money, which were issued to all staff at the start of this year.

These guidelines are reprinted below:

From: McTeague, Maurice
Sent: 27 January 2011 16:48
To: * GCU All Staff
Subject: Value for Money

“Dear colleagues,

All staff who purchase for Glasgow Caledonian University must demonstrate that we have achieved value for money and obtain supplies, equipment and services at the lowest possible cost consistent with quality and delivery requirements and in accordance with sound business practice.

The University has committed to use collaborative public sector contract arrangements to obtain the best terms for the purchase of goods and services where this provides demonstrable benefit.  In the current economic climate value for money must be at the heart of our decision making.  We can all help the University by ensuring that the procurement of a product or service is absolutely necessary, that we have taken steps to ensure the cost of any activity (including travel and accommodation) is minimised where possible, and that alternative means of achieving our objectives have been given due consideration. 

Where there is no acceptable alternative but to buy goods and services we must ensure our specification of requirements is enough to meet our needs but that we have not been attracted by extra features which we do not need and will not use but for which we end up paying more.

There will always be opportunities to improve value for money and some of these simply require a small change in behaviour.   If you would like more information or to discuss opportunities to improve value for money for your school or support department please contact me.”

GCU Unions would like to know whether the Executive contacted the procurement manager as mentioned above, and what advice was given prior to the purchase of the ten iPad2s.

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