What is going on behind the ‘smoke and mirrors’ from management at GCU? Unions discuss it on-line

Despite a serious offer to GCU management from the Combined Unions at Glasgow Caledonian which would have allowed the creation of a united front campaigning to win additional funding from the incoming Scottish administration, senior management have chosen to reject this, and continue to hold the threat of compulsory redundancies over the heads of university staff.

Following a meeting of Glasgow Caledonian’s Combined Union Committee, the CaledonianUnion blog asked Vince Mills, president of the UCU to discuss this with Dr Nick McKerrell, EIS representative, and convenor of the CUC.

"They made it quite clear that they were not prepared to remove the threat of compulsory redundancies"

Management strategy is so clearly contradictory that we believe all staff need to consider what the implications are for the future of our university, and indeed for the future of governance of the Higher Education sector in Scotland.

"From the UCU's point of view, we couldn't endorse any position that said compulsory redundancies were acceptable"

We hope this brief discussion will give you some idea of how your unions see the future for the campaign, and the university. Click here to listen to the discussion (which lasts for just over eight minutes).

No compulsory redundancies!

Support our colleagues!

Sign the petition, and make Court live up to its responsibilities.

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