A message from Unite

Dear friends

Tomorrow, if you work in the public sector, you may be on strike.
Or if you don’t work the sector, you will know somebody close to you who has decided to take industrial action.
These are our friends, neighbours, colleagues. They care for our children, sick and elderly. They keep our nation safe and our communities clean.
But the government is waging a campaign of distortion against our public sector workers.
So, on the eve of this historic day of action, Unite has produced this short film. This is the truth.

Download the film here: http://youtu.be/-x2aPIBKkOk

Or watch here:

It is short, only 3 mins. Please watch it and share it with your friends, post it on Facebook or link to it on all your emails.
Don’t forget to also text your message of support to ‘86888’ and updates from where you are on November 30th, 2011 – it’s free.
It is time the truth was told.

Thank you

Unite campaigns team

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