Strathclyde University rejects link with INTO – Principal claims this shows university exercises ‘Due Diligence’

According to the Glasgow Student Newspaper The Journal, Strathclyde University has withdrawn from talks with INTO.

Reporting that “Under the joint venture, which has operated at Glasgow Caledonian University since 2008, overseas students are enrolled in language and foundation courses coordinated by INTO in the hope that they will then progress onto full-time fee-paying programmes at the host higher education institution” the article goes on to quote Strathclyde Principal Jim McDonald as saying the decision not to go ahead with the partnership “illustrated the due diligence undertaken by the University”

The full story can be found here.

Minutes of the relevant meeting of the Senate obtained by The Journal said: “The University considered the proposal by INTO to be unsatisfactory. While this was disappointing, it was acknowledged that the work done through internal collaborations would not be wasted and thanks were expressed to all the staff involved.

“The University would now consider the lessons learned from this.”

It was also reported that Strathclyde would now move forward by concentrating on seeking the best from existing partnerships.

Details of GCU’s continuing links with INTO can be found on this blog’s INTO page.

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