A message of support to EIS at GCU from Unite

Following the decision of EIS to strike, Mike Robinson, Unite’s National Officer for education circulated Unite members with the following message:

EIS strike action

“EIS have decided to strike on the 23rd October and will be applying a work to contract from the 24th October onwards until further notice. EIS have contacted Unite asking for an understanding about their strike action and any picket lines etc in higher education institutions where EIS have membership…..

Unite members should not carry out work of other staff in any event as part of our work to contract action applied in 2011.

Any member who feels endangered or have a conscientious objection to crossing a picket line should seek advice from your local Regional Officer on how to respond to local management in these circumstances if their route to their workplace is likely to involve crossing an EIS picket line.

It is in acceptable to engage in discussion with pickets and even to express support for their protest.

However at this time Unite members are not being called on to strike and until the national committee considers whether Unite should take part in a dispute, members should not take strike action but should not carry out any work normally done by others in dispute either”.

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