Unions at GCU welcome appointment of new University Chancellor

Unions representing staff at Glasgow Caledonian University today welcomed the appointment of Professor Muhammad Yunus as Chancellor of GCU.

“We hope the vision expressed by Professor Yunus will help further expand the work which our university does amongst sectors of the Glasgow and West of Scotland population whose lack of finance would normally preclude their attendance at university.
Glasgow Caledonian’s aim of expanding educational access is one that the trade unions continue to see as crucial for the social mission of the university, and one where all members of the university community have much to be proud of.
Access to high quality affordable education, which in turn gives something back into the community itself, is part of an approach to education based on the Scottish concept of the Democratic Intellect, which too, is at the heart of our own vision.
We believe that this should be the birthright of all, together with job security, respect, decent working conditions, and an environment which allows the talents of working people to flourish and be suitably rewarded.
We look forward to working with Professor Yunus in his promotion of these values”.

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