UWS – an example other universities should follow

scroogeNot all universities are adopting the same scrooge like approach to staff remuneration this Christmas. The principal of UWS recently adopted a different approach as seen in their ‘all staff’ e-mail below.  It would be a nice token for other universities to do likewise:

From Principal at UWS

From: University Announcement
Sent: 04 December 2013 15:17
To: DL-All Staff(New)
Subject: Message from Principal
Since my arrival at UWS I have been tremendously impressed by the commitment and energy shown by staff. There are many great examples across the UWS community of truly outstanding work.
I am conscious of the very significant and positive achievements of colleagues in delivering excellence across the University, in particular the real drive to deliver a superb student experience. Your collective efforts also helped the University achieve a very sound financial position last year. In recognition of this I have asked, with the agreement and support of Court, that on a one-off basis:

• a non-consolidated, pro-rata payment of £250, with a minimum payment of £25, is made to all core salaried staff. Most of these payments will be made in the December or January salary.
• the University will close early for the Christmas break at the end of the standard working day on Friday 20th December, instead of Tuesday 24th – providing two days’ additional leave as a reward to staff…….

Whilst the University is part of national pay negotiation, I am also mindful that this process has been ongoing for some six months. I have, therefore, asked that the University proceed with payment of the 1% uplift offered through those negotiations in December’s salaries, inclusive of back pay. This step should not be seen as undermining the national approach but as an action which seeks to balance the University’s commitment to the joint negotiating arrangements with a genuine concern for all staff
You will appreciate that in putting these measures in place the University is seeking to do all that it can to acknowledge the dedication of colleagues and your evident commitment to the future development of the University.
Managers are asked to advise colleagues, who do not have access to email, of the content of this message

Yours sincerely
Professor Craig Mahoney
Principal & Vice-Chancellor


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