Strike time ‘teach-out’ for students (and staff) at GCU during industrial action

Using strike time positively to help student understanding of contemporary issues

Using strike time positively to help student understanding of contemporary issues

Monday 10th February’s 2 hour strike will be used imaginatively by UCU members to host a debate on the issues raised by the forthcoming referendum.  Although the UCU’s position is neutral on the outcome of the referendum, save for values and policies they demand are upheld whatever the outcome – as seen in their manifesto, it was suggested that it could be useful to explore the various options.

Meanwhile staff were extremely surprised to see the GCU logo being used to publicise a speech against independence made by David Cameron. This identification of the university  with one side or other of the debate has been commented on by several people including ex BBC news anchor Derek Bateman, the pro-independence website Newsnetscotland, and also by the GCU Student VP Education in his blog.

It is expected that the GCU trade unions will discuss the implications of this for the reputation and standing of the university with management in the coming days.

Meanwhile please attend our ‘Teach-out’ in the Students Association building, and also – if you are a student, the GCU Students Association referendum-themed panel discussion focusing on education and youth employment on Thursday 20th February (more info and sign up here)

Please support the UCU strike 9 – 11 am Monday 10th November, and attend the ‘Teach-out’ in the Students association building from 10am till 11am.

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