Please vote in the current ballot on Industrial Action

All members of UCU at GCU are currently being balloted about whether we join the industrial action on the ‘Four Fights’ dispute.


The current demands are

  • An increase of £2500 on all spine points on the national pay scale
  • nationally-agreed action, using an intersectional approach, to close the gender, ethnic and disability pay gaps
  • an agreed framework to eliminate precarious employment practices by universities
  • nationally-agreed action to address excessive workloads and unpaid work, to include workload models and Covid-related changes to working practices

It is important that you vote – due to the Tory anti-union laws, it is necessary for 50% of members to cast a vote (irrespective of how you personally vote), in order for our vote to count.

A recent General Meeting of the branch recommended that you should support both strike action and action short of a strike.

Please make sure you return your ballot paper – best before Christmas so you don’t forget.

Any issues please contact the branch secretary Lyle Gray.

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