Why UCU members should vote YES to industrial action


If you want to find out how much should be earning, if below-inflation pay increase and overwhelming workload didn’t exist, click here – and you can compare it to how much money the University made just last year here

What is the balloting timetable?

Tuesday 6 September 2022: ballot packs are dispatched to members’ preferred mailing address by the independent scrutineer Civica Election Services

Wednesday 7 September 2022: ballot packs start arriving at members’ preferred mailing address

Wednesday 14 September 2022 (9am): replacement ballot request form opens

Sunday 16 October (midnight): cut-off date for new members to join and be automatically included in the industrial action ballot

Monday 17 October (noon): replacement ballot request form closes

Monday 17 October (noon): cut-off date for branches to submit ballot exclusions

Tuesday 18 October: last ‘safe’ posting date

Friday 21 October 2022 (5pm): ballot closes

Locally, the branch committee is working on the Get The Vote Out (GTVO) campaign. To contact us, please email our secretary Lyle Gray, our President Catriona Mowat, or our Vice President Douglas Chalmers : l.s.gray@gcu.ac.uk. catriona.mowat@gcu.ac.uk d.chalmers@gcu.ac.uk

UCU is a democratic union, led by its membership. The decision to ballot, and also the decision on what action will be taken after the successful ballot, will be made by the Higher Education Committee.

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