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Is the Principal listening at Glasgow Caledonian? Invite to Silent Protest@Listening Event

Week 5 of our campaign against the 95 redundancies has begun.

Last week saw the plans for the cuts to Central Service Clusters and a series of all staff meetings convened by management.  The initial union response was circulated last week and we attended as many of the meetings as we could.  All the unions will be preparing a more detailed response to the plans in the next  3 weeks. Continue reading

This is not sustainable thinking at GCU. We call on the management to reconsider.

Sustainability as a concept is great - but it needs to be a collective effort involving our staff, not discarding them

The irony may be lost on some but in a month when specialist researchers in the Caledonian Environment Centre are facing the prospect of job cuts, the University prints a dedicated sustainability issue of the University’s public facing magazine, highlighting the contribution the University is making to the green agenda. Over the past year the University has promoted its commitment to the environment though Eco-Campus and Carbon Management initiatives, but at the first hint of a potential shortfall or delay in funding put an entire team on statutory consultation. Continue reading

Scottish media increasingly unhappy with what’s happening at GCU

Media coverage over the weekend indicates a growing disquiet in Scotland’s media over the proposed cuts to our University being pushed through by senior management. The BBC website headlined on the 1st April with “Glasgow Caledonian University sets out 95 job cut plans“, while a day later The Herald reported “University is told jobs cuts premature” and the same day’s Evening Times reported “Anger over city uni’s bid to close support centre“.
Media esteem is important for everyone who has the interests of GCU and particularly of Glasgow’s communities at heart. Our staff are rightly proud of the job we have done and continue to do for our students – many of whom, as the media articles point out, come from families where going to university is not the norm. We need to keep the confidence of Scotland’s communities and our young people. Senior management actions increasingly put us in danger of losing that reputation. As always we call upon them to consider the alternatives to their short sighted policies, and negotiate seriously on a way out from what would undoubtedly be a disastrous course for our staff, our students, and the communities which depend upon us.

Note: All articles mentioned above can be found via our Media Coverage pages

UNISON warns of ‘dark future’ for students if university cuts go ahead at Glagow Caledonian University

UNISON Scotland has condemned planned cuts by Glasgow Caledonian University, claiming students will face a dark future if cuts go ahead.
Earlier this month, management announced plans to cut 95 jobs at the university – a move which staff say will hit the most vulnerable students hardest. Today staff will be given an outline of the cuts and told which jobs face the axe, with support and administrative staff most at risk.
Figures show that the number of support staff at the university has dropped by more than 25 per cent in the last five years. This is in stark contrast to the rise in higher paid staff at the university which has trebled in the same period (figures listed below).
Davena Rankin, branch secretary at Glasgow Caledonian University, said:
“These cuts spell a dark future for our students. Last year alone, more than 16,000 students sought support from our staff – vital support which can make the difference between a student staying on at university or dropping out. Despite this, many of these staff will find out today that their jobs will go. Continue reading

Strike action not ruled out as jobs row intensifies at Glasgow Caledonian University

The University and College Union (UCU) today warned that strike action could not be ruled out at Glasgow Caledonian University after the institution confirmed plans for 95 job losses.

The union said plans to increase the number of management posts as frontline staff were sacked were outrageous and called for an immediate recruitment freeze until the dispute had been resolved. UCU says the university has still not properly consulted over the drastic changes and needs to row back from today’s announcement and consult properly.

The union says the university’s proposals will fundamentally damage the institution’s stated aim to widen access to university for students from the poorest backgrounds and undermine its quality of teaching and learning. As well as teaching jobs, some of the posts facing the axe are ones that help the very students the university purports to want to attract and help stay on at university.

Earlier this month, MSPs Bill Kidd and Elaine Smith spoke at protests at the university over the job losses and condemned the management plans.

UCU Scottish official, Mary Senior, said: “The proposals from Glasgow Caledonian University management propose cutting frontline staff but, perversely, increasing management posts. The university needs to stop the process now and start talking to us. At present we cannot rule out strike action and rest assured that we will oppose any compulsory redundancies.”

Unions at Glasgow Caledonian University condemn GCU cuts

Unions at Glasgow Caledonian University condemn the announcement today (Thursday) of staff cuts and the lack of meaningful consultation.

Management at Glasgow Caledonian University have announced their plans for cuts that do not consider any options other than redundancies for front line staff while perversely increasing management posts. Unions have called for a freeze on all posts and consideration of other methods to save costs. The proposals include clustering of the loss of posts into particular areas which may lead to greater possibility of compulsory redundancies if job losses are not met on a voluntary basis in some clusters.

Many of these proposals will fundamentally damage the university’s mission to widen access and undermine the quality of teaching and learning.  Real substantive posts that help students on the front line would be lost if these proposals are implemented.

UCU Scottish official, Mary Senior, said: “The proposals from Glasgow Caledonian University management simply propose cutting front line staff while perversely increasing management posts.  We will oppose any compulsory redundancies and are concerned that the clustering of job losses could increase their possibility.”

Dr Tony Axon w: 0131 226 6694 m: 07807 030626; e:

“Every page of the document shows that this exercise is clearly cost driven”…… Unions first response to GCU management’s ‘restructuring’ proposals

Firstly the Trade Union acknowledges we were given sight of this document (Cluster Proposals ) 48 hours before it was issued to all staff. However it is very difficult to understand the proposed changes without seeing the current structures, and the University’s failure to provide all the appropriate information may render the consultation less than meaningful.

Indeed without this information there is an undermining of trade union representation as these figures will mean a lot to staff who could lose their posts, but for full time officials and local union reps who have agreed to confidentiality and thus cannot consult with affected members we have in a sense one hand tied behind our back. Continue reading

Executive given new iPad2s, plus pay rise at GCU, while staff face compulsory redundancy threat…. oh and four students from GCU London flown up by EasyJet for classes here (allegedly)

iPads for them? And P45s for us?

We’re sorry but that’s just not acceptable in a well managed university.

There was incredulity expressed at a packed meeting of GCU staff in Glasgow Caledonian on Monday 28th March, when visiting MSP Pauline McNeil informed staff that fact finding information that morning had revealed that the GCU Executive were at the ‘top of the queue’ on the day that the new iPad2 was launched with a decision taken ‘at the stroke of a pen’ to order 10 of the machines while redundancy and cuts hung over many of the staff.

She was part of a fact finding mission with fellow MSPs Bill Kidd and Patrick Harvie, all of whom expressed dissatisfaction with the current situation. Continue reading

Live blogging from UCU picket line at GCU

7.26 am Watch this space….

7.30 Taxi driver James wishes us all the best “it’s really about time somebody talked sense … my daughter’s studying mid-wifery at the Cally and you’ll get her support.” Thanks James.

7.45 “No problem’s insoluble with a big enough plastic bag” (Tom Leonard) So with three black bin bags full of stuff plus half a dozen helpers as we approach the gates to put the tables up, we feel invincible…….

Constructing the 'official' picket line....

7.48 Talking of Vince, our local UCU President, where is he with the coffee…….?

7.49 Vince here but no coffee yet ….”hard times….” he suggests…….

8.00 First students here…. I’m impressed

8.02 First discussion with a Head of department as comes in. They’re not overly impressed with management either……. Continue reading

GCU Management: Much of their financial speculations ‘based on projections’….(but ‘realistic’ projections…)

The trade unions at Glasgow Caledonian met with senior management for their second meeting on Wednesday 16th March to discuss the plans to make 95 staff redundant .

EIS, UCU, UNITE and UNISON were all represented by members from GCU and full time officials apart from UCU who were represented by an official only.

The Senior Management side was larger than the last meeting – Mike Smith and Karen Stanton from the Executive Board attended alongside Jan Hulme, Keith Ross and Stella Bartram.  There was also a minute taker from Human Resources present.

Mike Smith and Karen Stanton explained that they had not attended the first meeting because they had not been invited to it by Keith Ross.

The bulk of the meeting was taken up with explaining management’s response to the 4 requests put to them at the previous meeting from the Combined Union Committee. Continue reading