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UCU Scotland Presidential candidate outlines his views

A continued campaign of innovative activity on a whole range of issues affecting academic and academic related staff in Scotland’s universities is the way forward for the University and College Union,  according to presidential hopeful Douglas Chalmers.  Having served as Scottish Vice President, for the last 2 years, Douglas is hoping to be elected in the current ballot which is open until February 27th.

A believer that trade unions are the natural community for all staff at university, Douglas believes that the UCU should be a core defender of the wages and conditions of staff – but also much more than that. In his view it is action on a whole range of questions that affect the life of staff that makes the best case for people to join. He points to the local branch’s work on International Womens’ Day, support for equality and diversity, student support, health and wellbeing, democracy in the university sector, as well as action on pensions and wages as being the reason that GCU continues to enjoy one of the greatest rates of growth amongst branches in Scotland.

GCU branch member Catriona Miller put some questions to Douglas about his candidacy and regarding some of the main issues facing the union and Scottish education. This can be found below.

Douglas’s election statement can be found here

A previous interview about Douglas’s views on building the union as a community, on working with other unions, on re-imagining universities, and on pensions, governance and working with the Scottish government is found below.

Carlo Morelli of Dundee University is also contesting the position of President of  UCU Scotland

Join the march for Pensions Justice – 30th November in Glasgow

The STUC has organised a march for Pensions Justice Wednesday 30th November in Glasgow.

All Unions at Glasgow Caledonian are calling for their members to support this.

It’s for more than the HE sector. It’s for more than the Public Sector. It’s for more than this generation – it’s for our children, and their children. It’s about the type of society that is fair and just. 

March assembles 12.00pm Shuttle Street (off Albion Street) March at 12.30pm

Rally at Barrowlands Ballroom 1.15pm.

For more information – contact:  triciagtuc@hotmail.co.uk