Who to contact

 We elect our committee every year at our Annual General Meeting.

Current committee members (as from December 2017) are

President:  Catriona Mowat. Manager, Positive Living Service. Based in M136. E-mail here. Tel: 0141 331 1104

Vice-President/ Membership:Douglas Chalmers, Senior Lecturer Media and Journalism. Based in M309. E-mail here. Tel 0141 331 3350

Secretary: Lyle Grey. Senior Lecturer Vision Sciences.  Based in W412c. E-mail here. Tel 0141 331 3391

Treasurer: John Houston . Contact via Catriona Mowat here.

Diversity/Equalities Officer: Clemmie Hill O’Connor. Researcher, Yunus Centre Based in M201. E-mail here. Tel 0141 331 8478

Postgrad Rep: Waqas Javed. PhdStudent.  here. Tel 0141 273 1270

Health and Safety Rep: Position vacant at present

Who to contact for what:

If you want to get advice from a case worker, or about an issue, please contact  Catriona Mowat or Douglas Chalmers in the first instance. Our case workers will then look at how best to help you.

If you are from the press or media or have a general inquiry, please contact our President Catriona Mowat. If it is a matter affecting all unions at GCU, you may wish to contact the chair of the Combined Union Committee, Nick McKerral.

How to follow us regularly

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To find out what we’re doing every time we put something on the blog, you can go to the home page and subscribe to the site. If you then put in an e-mail address (either work or other), then you’ll get an e-mail each time something on the blog changes. Your details are kept securely and not shared.

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